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Office İki Erkek



Our company, which was established in 1997, after many years of education and professional experience. Industrial Automation has been active in issues with Elevator and Escalator in the vertical transport and in a short time, under the name of the brand in both branches Akmetal sought after in markets around Turkey and has become a close and trusted brand. Starting from the stages of traffic analysis, scaling, cost analysis, and continuing with after-sales service in the company, which will operate only in the elevator and escalator areas, by adopting the organization of the Group companies within the framework of the Corporate Identity, ISO9001 and Restructuring studies; Project, Contracting, Manufacturing, Installation, Maintenance and Package Elevator Sales services are provided.


Our company is among the rare and successful companies that produce technology and services in the global sector by adding its own control software as well as continuing to work with the world's leading elevator component manufacturers without compromising the principles of Technology - Safety - Quality. The company, which aims to carry out project work in accordance with the needs of its customers such as Quality, Cost, Calendar, to contribute positively to the future of its employees and the elevator sector, and at the same time, continues to work with extraordinary diligence. The main difference of AKMETAL is that the solutions offered are customer and project specific and all phases following the order are handled in accordance with European Elevator Standards.


The company, which follows the technological developments in the world and applies it to its systems, has made hundreds of important elevator and escalator commitments at home and abroad by adopting the principles of Total Quality and Customer Satisfaction. We know that when purchasing an Elevator or Escalator, you actually buy an organization with which you will be in a long-term relationship and establish friendships. Therefore, the aim of AKMETAL Group is not only to sell you elevators but also to win your friendship.

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