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Modern Ofis

Our Values

KOINS, a manufacturer of elevators, escalators and disabled elevator systems, continues to be included in the most prestigious national and international projects since its establishment in 1997 and to be an indispensable solution partner of these projects.


Being the preferred brand of the sector with its production power, product quality and widespread service network, KOİNS leads the sector with its philosophy of making human and load transfer comfortable, aesthetic and reliable.


KOINS one of Turkey's leading company in the sector, the world's 15 countries preferred and demand stands out as one of the important brands in all circumstances with the power supply of spare parts and complete products designed seamlessly with the operating principle.


KOİNS Escalator and Band Systems, which are applied in many important shopping centers, business centers, overpasses and subway projects of the world, with its smooth working system at any time, anywhere and in any place, increase the brand value not only of KOİNS but also of our country with its advanced technology and product quality. 


With its products that make life easier, KOİNS has been making investments and R&D studies for many years in order to increase the quality of life of disabled individuals. It offers solutions that make life easier for individuals with limited mobility, patients with mobility difficulties, the elderly, mothers with children and all people with various disabilities.


Since the day it was founded, KOİNS has been continuously investing in technology and R&D. Receiving the reward of these investments as the company followed in the sector, KOİNS continues its support for service and development.

We believe that;

Respect for people, nature, laws and in every field is our core value to increase our success.


The happiness of our employees, customers, suppliers and all stakeholders is our indispensable value.


Our customers are our benefactors.


The excellence of our work and service brings us success.


Being always "the best" is our indispensable goal.


The consistency of our word and what we do is one of the values that make us who we are.


Our agility is our difference.


It is our responsibility to be open to development in a constantly developing world.


Using our resources and time effectively increases our productivity.


We are different! We represent the “New Generation” with our friendly, talented, energetic, enthusiastic and productive team.

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