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Our Business Partners

It has become a global player with its local production facilities in more than 15 countries, by continuously improving its international arena and its global customer portfolio.
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MEKİSAN, which aims to increase customer satisfaction since its establishment, to make modern production by following technological innovations, to contribute to the economy by increasing its market share in the country and abroad, continues to work devotedly in order to carry these targets to the next level.
Today, it offers the most reliable solutions to the projects of many customers in Turkey and abroad with its state-of-the-art equipment in its 10.000m2 factory.
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With the buttons of 50 years old German Schaefer GmbH, we produce quality and stylish solutions in our elevator cabins.
Its factory based on quality and services and innovation covered a 33500 square meter floor, including a 20000 square meter workshop and a 100 meter test tower, it has many experts in research.
Alberto Sassi has been manufacturing and selling its products in Italy and worldwide for over 70 years through a network of distinguished customers and distributors.
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Gustav Wolf looks at over 130 years of company history. Today the group of companies includes eight state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Germany, France, Hungary, Dubai, China, Poland and the United States. Gustav Wolf is one of the leading international manufacturers of steel cables for elevators.
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