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Each working machine has a life span of the system. It is in the life cycle in an elevator or escalator. Modernizing your elevator or escalator is an investment in the future, increasing safety and efficiency.


Increasing Security:

Doesn't your elevator have a car safety interior door? Doesn't the escalator you use have a brush system?

Safety is paramount. If your elevator does not have a car safety door or a brush system on escalators, there is a risk of jamming. Elevators and escalators must be brought to safety standards to eliminate risks.

Increasing Energy Efficiency:

With the developing technology, low energy systems increase energy efficiency.

Freedom of Movement for Everyone:

Lift sizes can be made more usable, especially for wheelchair users and families with children.


Today, the design of buildings is very important. KOİNS adds elegance to the buildings with its special designs.

The solution in old buildings is modernization. With modernization, the safety, performance and elegance of your elevator increases.

Image by Russ Ward
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