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Disabled Lifts

Horizontal Type Stair Elevators

We manufacture Stair Lift, high safe handicapped elevators that work horizontally on the stairs to be used in places where the installation of a cabin elevator is not possible. By performing the installation, maintenance and repairs of the Stair Lift product, we also provide spare parts. All of our products comply with the relevant legislation and the standards of the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Trade.

We produce Stair Elevators specific to the desired distance and house. We specially size and manufacture the disabled elevators, which we have developed with our expert engineers in the field, in the dimensions you want. As a result of our regular R&D studies, we provide the highest comfortable user experience.


Stair Lift Prices vary according to the desired features and the area to be installed. It ranges from 15,000 TL to 35,000 TL on average.


If you want to examine our other Disabled Lift models,

-For our elevator models produced as open cabin; Our "Open Type Disabled Lifts" page,

-For our elevator models produced as closed cabins; Our "Closed Type Disabled Lifts" page,

The prices of our elevator to get more information about the quality norms 444 27 97 You can contact us via our contact page or our phone number.

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