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Elevator Systems

According to the usage function of architectural construction projects, installing elevators compatible with variable transport traffic requires detailed analysis and budget. You can reach the special designs needed in environments where elevator shaft dimensions are not sufficient or in buildings where the parameters vary with construction, with the elevator systems specific to each project of the KOİNS Project Management Team.


In projects where the maximum number of people and loads are aimed to reach the targeted location in the minimum time in public areas with high usage density such as subways, shopping malls, hospitals, overpasses, business centers and universities; KOİNS Elevator Project Team, by planning the traffic calculations and analyzes in the most ideal and economical way; It aims to transport the largest number of people in the shortest time possible by lowering the costs of institutions. It shortens the waiting times of the users at the stops and provides comfortable transportation to the relevant destination.

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Commercial and Office Buildings

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KOİNS; It designs, manufactures and installs elevators suitable for every building type with residential elevators, commercial building elevators, freight elevators, vehicle elevators, stretcher elevators, service elevator elevators, slope elevators and disabled elevator solutions.

At the same time, KOİNS offers modernization services to elevators that need to be renewed, increased safety and brought into line with the standards. Standard or special solution KOİNS Lift Systems easily adapt to the architecture of any building.

KOİNS, the first domestic elevator manufacturer , aims to be sustainable in the market by offering products that provide special solutions to all architectural projects at advantageous prices.

Project managers continue to benefit with post-assembly technical team support, fast spare parts supply and elevator maintenance-repair service, which are some of the domestic production privileges offered by KOİNS Elevator.

Transportation Systems

Why Choose KOİNS Elevator Systems?

70% of the elevator equipment is Domestic Production,

Providing special solutions for elevators without machine room for environments where pit or top floor dimensions are not sufficient,

Preparation of preliminary project suitable for each building by KOİNS Preliminary Project Implementation Team,

Compliance with the safety requirements based on TS EN 81-20 standard,

TS EN 81 - 70 (Disabled Accessibility) / -71 (Resistance to Deliberate Destruction) / -73 (Fire Resistance) / - 77 (Resistance to Earthquake)

Providing mechanical and electronic designs in accordance with special case conditions depending on the standards,

Special elevator cabins suitable for the aesthetic expectations of architectural projects,

Compatibility with "Remote Control - Access" (PLC) system, "Central Supervision Control and Data Acquisition" (SCADA) system technology,

Having ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System ,

To have CE certificate,

3-year warranty coverage

Elevator Prices 2021

What are the factors affecting 2021 elevator prices?

Lift prices; The elevator carrying capacity is shaped according to many technical parameters such as the availability of the machine room, the number of stops, travel distance, elevator cabin type, steel construction need, emergency aid mechanism, elevator communication system, backup power supply and elevator usage purpose.

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